Tina Thukral-Sidhu 
   Tina Thukral-Sidhu      Assessments
I provide psycho-educational assessments for adults and post-secondary students.  A psycho-educational assessment can be used to identify a learning disability, and intellectual disability or attentional disorder. I also provide psychological assessments to identify anxiety, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder etc..

Assessments involve an interview that consists of a background history and current functioning.  Some tests will be administered remotely and others in person.  In person testing is typically completed within one day, depending on which tests are administered.  Specific tests are chosen based on the nature of the referral concerns.  Within 2 weeks of testing, you will be invited for a feedback session.  This is typically 1 hour in duration and outlines the results of the assessment.  A comprehensive report is provided detailing the results of the assessment, as well as specific recommendations to improve personal, vocational, academic and cognitive functioning.